1st: Goat Slayers (24)
2nd: Muscle Up Yours (28)
3rd: Body Snatchers (30)
4th: Nuttz and Buttz (31)
5th: CPCF (32)

Athlete Packet


Teams will need to check in either Friday or Saturday. We plan to stick to this schedule very strictly.  The schedule could change slightly between now and the event.  Heat times for Saturday were selected by alphabetical order.  Sunday's heat times will be organized by total points by each team from the first day's events. The  teams with the most points will go in the final heat.

Heat and Lane Assignments Announced (Click)


4:00pm - 6:00pm - Team Checkin & Floater Sign Up


7:00am - 8:00am - Team Checkin & Floater Sign Up
8:00am - 8:40am - Athlete Briefing

WOD #1 - Paradise Falls
9:00am - 9:20am - Heat 1
9:25am - 9:45am - Heat 2
9:50am - 10:10am - Heat 3
10:15am - 10:35am - Heat 4

WOD #2 - Muscle Garden
11:00am - 11:12am - Heat 1
11:18am - 11:30am - Heat 2
11:36am - 11:48am - Heat 3

WOD #3 - Bliss
12:12pm - 12:24pm - Heat 1
12:24pm - 12:42pm - Heat 2
12:48pm - 1:00pm - Heat 3

WOD #4 - Waterguns
3:00pm - 3:22pm - Heat 1
3:30pm - 3:52pm - Heat 2
4:00pm - 4:22pm - Heat 3
4:30pm - 4:52pm - Heat 4


7:30am - 8:15am - Athlete Warm Up Outside
8:15am - 8:40am - Athlete Briefing

WOD #5 - Strongman Sprint
9:00am - 9:20am - Heat 1
9:28am - 9:48am - Heat 2
9:56am - 10:16am - Heat 3
10:24am - 10:44am - Heat 4

WOD #6 - Mystery WOD
11:00am - WOD Announcement
11:20am - 11:30am - Heat 1
11:35am - 11:45am - Heat 2
11:50am - 12:00pm - Heat 3
12:05pm - 12:15pm - Heat 4

Awards Ceremony
12:30pm - 1:00pm

Team List:

Muscle Up Yours - CrossFit307
CrossFit Lander - CrossFit Lander
PowerEndurance - Mixed, Nebraska
The Body Snatchers - CrossFit Tolero
Sloppy Jerks & Clean Snatches - Mixed, Wyo & Idaho
The D Squad - CrossFit307
8 Gun FuRe - CrossFit307
Team Perkis - CrossFit Frontier 
You Only YOLO Once - CrossFit 7220 
Toes-to-Gnar - CrossFit 7220 
Rhab-Doughnuts - CrossFit 7220
Racks & Sacks - CrossFit SolSurvivor/CrossFit Endure 
Goat Slayers - CrossFit307
Reaper Crew - CrossFit Frontier 
The Desh Crew - CrossFit307
Fantastic Four - CrossFit307
Your Father's Mustache - CrossFit Omnia 
4 Scoops of Pre-Workout - CrossFit Omnia 
Nuttz and Buttz - CrossFit Omnia 
CPCF - Cloud Peak CrossFit
CPCF Injured Reserve - Cloud Peak CrossFit 
Windriver FitStones - Ft. Washakie 
Disciples - Ft. Washakie


C'mon Inn: 472-6300, has blocked off 30 rooms for October 18 & 19.  Rate is $99/night.   People interested should try to call before September 30th to reserve the room.  If they call after that, they can still get the discounted rate but will only get what is available, not a specific room type. Give them the group name "CrossFit 307" to get the discounted rates.  She said if all 30 sell out, she could possibly add more.

Mainstay Suites: 472-7829 , has also blocked off 30 rooms for Oct 18-19. Rate is $89 per night.  Group name "CrossFit 307". Cutoff date to reserve room is September 30th as well.  After that, no guarantee on room or rate

Are you a CrossFitter and would like to participate without actually performing the WODs? We're looking for judges and volunteers! Judges will be required to have some personal CrossFit experience.  You will also be required to attend one of our Judges Clinics which will be held on 2 Saturdays prior to the Throwdown (10/5 & 10/12).  If you're from out of town and want to judge, we'd love to have you, but the clinic is still required.  Volunteers will also be needed for set up and equipment management.  If you are interested in being a judge or volunteer let a coach know or send us an email.  If you or your business is interested in sponsoring, send us an email!



Winning team of each WOD and winning team of Total Floater Score - Atlas Stone 
Overall 1st Place Team - $1200 Cash, $100 Life asRx Coupon, (4) Rx Jump Ropes
Overall 2nd Place Team - $600 Cash, $50 Life asRx Coupon, (4) 50% off Rx Jump Ropes
Overall 3rd Place Team - $300 Cash, $50 Life asRx Coupon, (4) 25% off Rx Jump Ropes

Every athlete will receive a Throwdown shirt. Each team will receive a goody bag at checkin. There will be extra Throwdown shirts, men's Throwdown shorts and Throwdown hats for sale during the event.

307 Throwdown 2013 Event #1:

Paradise Falls

Scoring: For Time or last completed rep by the 4th teammate at tapout.

  • For Time. All 4 teammates. 20 min tapout. 

  • 4 Heats of 6 Teams.  Saturday: 9am-11am

  • Waterfall style:  2 rounds
  • 250m Row
  • 15 Hang Cleans 135/95#
  • 15 Pull Ups
  • 15 Wall Balls 20/14#

307 Throwdown 2013 Event #2:

The Muscle Garden

Scoring: Total reps completed. (Laps count as 10 reps each. Total 210 reps at start of Muscle ups.) Time at completion of each part of the WOD will be logged as tiebreakers.

  • 12 Min AMRAP. 2 teammates (Pair who do not participate in WOD #3). 

  • 3 Heats of 8 Teams.  Saturday: 11am-Noon

  • 50 Dead Lifts 225/155# (Shared)

  • 1 Lap each (Tag hands before and after each lap)

  • 50 Toes to Bar

  • 1 Lap each (Tag hands before and after each lap)

  • 50 OHS 135/95# (Shared)

  • 1 Lap each (Tap hands before and after each lap)

  • Max Muscle Ups in remaining time

307 Throwdown 2013 Event #3:


Scoring: Total (Burpees + Box Jumps) + (Snatches + Back Squats) from each partner for a TOTAL score.

  • 12 min AMRAP (4x 3min), no REST in between. 2 teammates (Pair who do not participate in WOD #2).
  • 3 Heats of 8 teams. Saturday: Noon-1pm
  • Station 1: Run 1 Lap followed by AMRAP of Burpee Box Jumps 30/24
  • Station 2: 10 Snatches, 10 Back Squats 115/75.

307 Throwdown 2013 Event #4


Scoring: A teams total score is (Total Push Ups) + (Total Pistols)x2.  Pistols are worth double.

  • 10 min AMRAP, 2 min REST, 10 min AMRAP. All 4 teammates (split in pairs). 
  • 4 Heats of 6 Teams.
  • Saturday: 3pm-5pm
  • 3 mile shared burden cycle ride followed by AMRAP of pistols
  • Swim 80' then 20 Hands-off-Deck Push Ups. Repeat.

307 Throwdown 2013 Event #5:

Strongman Sprint

Scoring: For Time

  • For Time. All 4 teammates. 20 min tapout.
  • 4 Heats of 6 Teams.
  • Sunday: 9am-11am
  • 300' sled drag: All 4 members may work to pull the sled. The sled weight is set for 315#.
  • 100 stone throws
  • Sandbag Course: This portion will be completed in pairs, one male and one female each.  
  • 300' sled drag: Reverse direction back to the starting line which is now the finish line.

307 Throwdown 2013 Event #6:


307 Throwdown 2013 Floater:

Tire Flipper

Scoring: Total successful tire flips

  • 2 Min AMRAP. All 4 teammates. 

  • Saturday: 9am-3pm (Sign up for a time at Checkin)

  • Sunday: 9am-11am

307 Throwdown 2013 Floater:

Max Weighted Pull Up

  • Max Effort of 3 Attempts. All 4 teammates. 

  • Saturday: 9am-3pm (Sign up for a time at Checkin)

307 Throwdown 2013 Floater:

Team Log Carry

  • 3 Min AMRAP. All 4 teammates. 

  • Saturday: 9am-3pm (Sign up for a time at Checkin)

  • Sunday: 9am-11am


Scoring will be based off the CrossFit Games Open scoring system. There are 6 EVENTs and 3 FLOATERs. Each EVENT is worth one score and the sum of all 3 FLOATERS is worth 1 score making a total of 7 scores. The team finishing first in an EVENT will receive 1 POINT, the team finishing in second will receive 2 POINTs, etc. The final score will be the sum of all 6 EVENT scores and the FLOATER score. The team with the lowest total score will be the winner.

The FLOATERs will be calculated in the same way but as a separate total. Once all three FLOATERs are completed by all teams, each team will be ranked for each FLOATER and scored the same way as the EVENTs. Each team will have three scores, one from each FLOATER. These three scores will be added together for each team and total FLOATER points will be calculated. The teams will be ranked in order from lowest to highest total FLOATER points. The team in first will receive 1 point, second 2 points etc. This FLOATER score will be used in the overall scoring total combined with the 6 EVENT scores.


If you can round up 2 girls and 2 guys who CrossFit and can make it to Casper, you're invited! Anyone who is able perform the CrossFit Open Rx will be able to compete.  If you're still unsure, we've listed some standards that will be required below.


Oct 19 Saturday: 9am-5pm, Oct 20 Sunday: 9am-1pm


CrossFit307 in Casper, WY (Located at LifeTime Health & Fitness, 300 Landmark Dr.)


6 WODs: 4 WODs including all 4 teammates and 2 Partner WODs. +Floaters to be completed in between your WOD times.  Beginning in early September, all WODs and movement standards will be released, except the final WOD. The final WOD will be simple and dirty and no preparation or strategy will be needed.


The 307 Throwdown will test you as an individual but more importantly, as a team.  Here are some standards that you should be able to perform in order to participate...

Unassisted Pull Ups
Box Jumps - 30/24
Wall Balls - 20/14
Toes to Bar
Clean & Jerk - 135/95
Dead Lift - 225/155
Overhead Squats - 135/95
Snatch - 115/75
Run, Swim, Cycle, Row
Double Unders
Pistols - Not required, but useful.
Atlas Stones - 116/60
Muscle Ups - Beneficial to have at least 1 team member who can perform these.