Event #4:

Event 4 is a whole team event. The total time to complete the entire event (Highway to the Danger Zone) will be a 100 point score. The time for your team to complete the sprint event (Tomcat) will be a 50 point score. And, the total weight for your team in the squat event (Flameout) will be a 50 point score. At 321-Go, the event will start with Tomcat.   

Stage 1: Tomcat - 50 Points

You will split into pairs for the event, gender doesn’t matter. Once all 4 athletes have completed both sprints in the designated order, your time will be recorded for your score in the sprint event. Once the first pair has finished the sprint, they may move on and begin Stage 2.

Stage 2: The 100’s. SkiErg/Stones.

After the sprint, the first pair will begin Stage 2. The second pair will join the first pair once they complete their sprints. Your team has to complete 100 total stone throws and 100 Cal on the SkiErg. There is no minimum for any athlete to complete on either movement and both stations may be worked at the same time. Each team will have 2 stones, men’s (115#) and women’s (70#). You are required to lift the stones from the ground to over your shoulder for a rep to count. Only one stone may be moving at a time.  If your team has not completed all reps of stones and skierg at the 12 min mark, you must move on. Any incomplete stone throws or SkiErg Cals will be penalties added as 10 seconds each to your total time.  Once all reps are complete or 12 min is reached, the team will move on to the next stage together.

Stage 3:  The Danger Zone.

Each team will have 4 sandbags of varying weights (100#, 80#, 60,# 40#).  Your task is to complete the sandbag course while burdened with the sandbags.  All teammates and all sandbags must complete every obstacle.  Once your team leaves Stage 2, you will have 8 min to get to your sandbags and complete the course.  If you fail to complete the course in the 8 min, you will have to return the sandbags to the sandbag pit and will be assessed a 5 min penalty. All teammates must complete an obstacle before anyone moves on to the next obstacle.  You must stay together as a team and stay in your lane (obstacles) through the course. Once all obstacles are complete, you will return the sandbags to the sandbag pit and move on to the next stage. 

The Obstacles:

Balance Beam - Each person must move completely across the beam with a sandbag. If you fall off, drop the sandbag or step off the beam, you must return to the start and start over.  All teammates can be going at the same time. You may not begin the next obstacle until all have completed the beam.

Pipes - Each person and each sandbag must pass through the pipes. It doesn't matter who moves the sandbags, just as long as they all pass through the pipes. Once all have passed through, you may move as a team along the course to the next obstacle.

8' Wall - Each person and sandbag must go over the wall. You are allowed to work together. On the sides of the wall are some angled supports. You are not allowed to step on or use these supports to assist in getting over the wall. Once all have completed the wall, you will quickly return the sandbags to the sandbag pit and move on to Flameout.

Stage 4:  Flameout - 50 Points

Your team will have 4 mins to each establish a 3RM Front Squat.  Your team may choose any open platform. Your time will start as soon as you start loading bars. If you all achieve your 3RM’s before your time is up, you may move on.  At 4 mins, your successful 3RM’s your team has achieved will be recorded. Before moving on, you must deload your bars and leave the weights how you found them for the next team.  If you fail to do this, your team will get a DNF for Flameout.  Your team has to stay together leaving this stage.  No athlete is allowed to leave early to set up for the next stage.

Stage 5: The Tire

Your team has to complete 40 tire flips. Your team may choose any open tire and set of rings. For the tire flips, the tire must stay inside your tire zone.  Once tire flips are complete, move to the finish line as a team. You also have the option to be doing muscle ups while your team is flipping the tire. Each team will have 1 set of rings. Each Muscle Up completed by your team during the tire flips will be a 10 sec deduction from your overall time on Danger Zone. A maximum of 18 muscle ups (3 min deduction) is allowed per team.  For the Muscle Up, the Athlete must pass from a hang below the rings to a support above.  At the bottom, the arms must come to a full lockout with the feet off the ground.  At the top, the elbows must fully lock out.  Every tire flip incomplete at tapout will be a 10 sec penalty.

There will be 28 min tapout for the event.

There is a lot going on in this one! Make sure everyone understands all the stages fully before showing up. We will spend time going over everything at the athlete briefing. The course will be assembled and you are welcome to spend time on it before the event.