Nutrition: Timing

Focusing on performance and recovery from training, the first thing to remember is to surround your workout with your carbohydrates, meaning your dailey carbs weither its fruit or a sweet potatoes, should be present in your pre workout meal, 2-2.5 hrs before training, and your recovery meal withing an hour of training. An example would be a pre workout meal of sweet potato and 6-8 oz of chicken, and a recovery meal of 20-30 gram protien shake made with coconut water. However keep in mind that the amounts will be individual, but this is a good base line to start. If your goal is to try and gain a little more mass or you lack energy in workouts, increase your pre and post carb amounts in small increments untill you reach your optimal performance and recovery. Remember your preworkpout meal fuels you and your recovery meal starts the recovery process. Another bit of advice to aid in recovery, is to consume some protien right before bed. Remember sleep is your recovery, eating some protien will ensure that your body can repair any tissue damage, and help you sleep the night through without a midnight snack. I suggest a couple of eggs, a small piece of good meat, or if you eat dairy, a few bites of cottage cheese.  Also, remember to stay hydrated, an easy way to do this is to drink a glass of water with every meal, and finally remember todays nutrition is tomorrow performance.