Being an athlete and competing at a higher level involves alot more than just physical ability, it also requires a few important non-physical traits. First, is mental toughness, do not be afraid to challenge yourself daily in some way shape or form, maintain your composure remaining cool, calm and collected during workouts by remaining focused on the task at hand, not how bad your hurting, how little breath you have, or how someone next to you is doing, and end each workout not being dramatic flopping around gasping for air on the ground but by evaluating where you made mistakes and what you could improve next time. Second, confidence, is believing not that you will beat your competition, but that you can complete each challenge. The final and most important thing is integrity, we do not always have counters or judges therefor we must hold ourselves accountable to the competition standards in training so we can get an accurate representation of where we are at and also maintain the respect of our fellow athletes, no one likes a cheater. Although crossfit is a very competition oriented fitness, try to think more in terms of competing with yourself first and others second, becoming better everyday instead of worrying about where you are on the board.