Sleep is one of the most important yet overlooked aspects of recovery that there is. It is the body's chance to repair damaged tissue, fight inflamation, and make hormonal responses to aid in recovery. Without adequite sleep, we as athletes, cannot fully recover and perform to our full potential. Although the amount of sleep needed for recovery varies person to person, its a good general rule that if you feel a lack of energy, lack of focus, muscle soreness or fatigue lasting more than a few days, you could be lacking sleep so try to go to bed a half an hour earlier to help find your optimum level of sleep. Studies also show that a mid afternoon nap can have a very positive effect on mood and recovery, however try to limit your nap to a duration that will not effect your nights sleep, this amount will vary depending on the individual, but for me is 20-30 min. Lastly, don't stress over not getting the perfect amount of sleep, or missing your nap, stress negativly effects recovery, immune function, mood, and will effct your recovery far more than missing an hour of sleep. So, never lose sleep thinking about how much sleep your getting.