Foundation of Strength...

Building a foundation for strength:

Make no mistake, CrossFit is a sport and as with any sport there is a risk of injury.  As athletes, we need to take preventive measures to avoid setbacks.  Now is the time to begin to build that foundation so we can train heavier, and harder as the Open approaches.  We can do this by supplementing our regular training routine with a short WOD focused on injury prevention, and spending extra time on our weaknesses such as Olympic lifting technique, double-unders, muscle ups, HSPU, and toes to bar to name a few; so attack your weaknesses. 

This supplemental injury prevention routine, with these specific exercises to build core strength and stability as well as shoulder and scapular stability, will help build that foundation for your future gains.


Directions: 3 times per week, choose 3 exercises from the list below and perform as directed. 

Exercises: Good mornings 3x15, Reverse hypers 3x15, single leg deadlifts 3x15, Turkish get ups  3 x 10 (5 each side), Windmills 3x 15, 4 Position planks ( 1 min each).

Remember, somebody else out there wants the same thing you want.  Do you want it more?