Strength work Dec 10-15

As we all know, hips are the source of energy for many of the exercises we do on a daily basis, so this week we will focus on the two best exercises for developing powerful hips, the back squat and dead lift. It is monumentally important that your technique is solid before you hit the heavy weights.  

Focus on bar acceleration, meaning that as soon as you hit the bottom of your squat, explode out of the bottom (maintaining good midline), and accelerate to the top.  When it comes to the dead lift, maintain midline, pull hard from the bottom, and as soon as you pass your knees extend your hips as fast as you can to get up that bar speed. This will not only increase your squat and deadlifts, it will improve everything that is a hip driving movement. So... Here it is.... Complete each thing once per week.

Back Squat: 1x20 w/bar, 2 x10-12, 5x3 (try to increase weight every set and try to have as many sets as possible near your 3 rep max.)

Deadlift: 2x20 (choose a weight you know you can do for 10-15 reps unbroken)

Push press: 2x10-12 warmup, then 5x3 (challenge yourselves in that 3 rep max)