Power work: 13-19

This week is building on the last so we are increasing the weights keep at it and you will see some good gains. Complete the lifts once this week and each skill once. Remember, the reason we lift at this percentage is bar speed so try to go down on a 3 count and up as fast as possible. Also, keep rest periods to 20 to 30 sec between sets on sets of 3 or less, and 1 min on 5-20 reps. Lastly, try to focus on one fault u have on a movement and correct it one thing ata time.

Front Squat 12x2 @ 60% of one rep max

Deadlift shrugs 5x5 ( challenge yourself with the weight)

Hang Cleans 12x2 @ 60 % of max power clean


Skills: 3 min AMRAP Muscle up or (only if you do not have your muscle up) 10 min Muscle up work.

           3 min AMRAP Chest to bar pull ups