Power work: Dec 31 - Jan 5

Now that we have finnished our first strength progression we will use this week to activly recover and get ready for our next strength progression. Now that we are making some good gains in our basic lifts, we will begin over the next few weeks to get into some of the more advanced things. Complete each liflt and skill just once this week.

 Front Rack lunges- 3x10-12(5-6 on each leg)

Strict pull up- 10x1 ( add as much weight as needed to reach a near 1 rep max you should be challenged every rep.

Grappler bar rotations- 5x20 ( challenge yourself with weight)

WOD- 30 reps for time dumbbell clean and press (45/25)

Next week will start a new strength cylce so get jacked up and ready for some new strength gains.