Strength: Jan 27th- Feb 2nd

Back Squat: 5 Reps EMOM for 8 min @ your 5 rep max weight, Rest 1 min then Overhead squat  1 Set to failure (115/75)

Snatch Grip Deadlift Shrug: 2reps on Every 30 seconds for 5 min ( Challenge yourself with weight but you should be right on the edge of your form deteriorating.) 

Behing the neck Push press: 3x8 ( Only count working sets, it might take a few sets to find the right weight Guys might start at 95 and ladies at 45 pounds and build from there.)

 Skill:  3 min AMRAP T2B

  30 Reps for time  of dumbbell Hang clean and Jerks ( 45/25)