Milk Part 2

My previous post about consuming milk as a post exercise recovery drink, sparked a lot of discussion with some fellow cross fitters, so i decided to post on it again. I realize most of you are most likely not going to read the research i have linked to this post, so i will summarize what it says. Research shows that milk ingestion within 2 hours after exercise has significant posotive impact on exercise induced muscle damage, DOMS ( delayed onset muscle soreness), hydration, and body composition. Because milk has a large amount of carbohydrates and protein, consumption after exercise will help replenish glycogen stores, and increase protein synthesis by providing ample protein. Those are the basics of this subject, i have been experimenting with milk over the past 3 weeks and have seen great results in exercise recover and performance, however keep in mind that everyone is different and may or may not have issues with dairy products. Anyone thinking of trying it, i highly recommend drinking organic if possibly, and even trying goats milk.