Overhead Strength Endurance

CrossFit in my opinion has very much become a sport of strength endurance with athletes being able to maintain their strength at near maximal loads for high volume or long time under tension. Strength endurance is just that, being able to maintain strength as volume increases, or muscle becomes fatigued.One way to train this is to utilize a technique called a drop set, in which we lift heavy, moderate, and light loads all in one set for a high volume, usually 25-40 reps per set. I have been expirimenting with this alot and have had great gains in both 1 rep max strength, as well as my endurance at lighter weights. However, the whole key to this is to go to failure at each weight, and to rest no more than 3-5 seconds between each weight. Try todays workout twice a week for three weeks, adding 5 pounds per week to your starting weight, and see how you progress.

Exercise: Find 1 rep max push press, then complete 3 sets of 70% of 1 rep for max reps followed immediatly complete a max set at 115(guys and 75(ladies).(If you have any questions feel free to ask.)