Clean and Jerk Positioning

A large part of Olympic lifting is positioning meaning that the lifter hits each phase of the lift in the right sequence with the right timing. If all of this is accomplished, the result will be the most efficient lift. Its easy to get caught up in the speed of a lift or the strength aspect of the lift, but sometimes things need to get slowed down to see the details of positioning and rely on the efficiency of the lift, not just the ability to fight through it. Here is a great video of the clean and jerk, many of you might have seen this but i really want you to focus on the phases of the lift, from the floor to the launch position, launch to the high hang, high finish, and finally him pulling under the bar. The same applies to the jerk positioning, look at the elbow position, the dip, and the foot positioning in the catch.

Exercise: 12x1 @ 70% of one rep max (I challenge you to take your phone or camera and video each rep to make improvements each and every lift.)