Box Jumps For Olympic Lifting

One major component in Olympic lifting, is the ability to open and close your hips with a great deal of speed and power. Developing this aspect of the lifts, will give you the ability to accelerate that bar more throughout the pull, as well as help you get under the bar into the receiving position faster, which will ultimately result in being able to lift more weight. After all, the faster you can get under that bar, the less distance you have to make that bar travel to receive it before gravity takes over and brings it crashing down. High box jumps are great tool for developing this explosive movement. Here is a Russian weightlifting stud in the 85kg class working on this skill, take note how fast his hips open and close.

Exercise: 30 Jumps to establish a max height box jump. (If you are concerned about your shins, wear long socks and dont fail.)