Self Perceptions and Realistic Goals

Goal setting is in my opinion is a fundamental building block for a sucessful fitness program. Without a goal we randomly excercise without regard for our future performance, without direction, and without any accountability to actually better ourselves instead of going through the motions. Goals hold us accountable to ourselves, challenge us to become better, and give us daily direction to programming and effort in individual workouts, as well as our lives outside of the gym. When setting a goal, we must look into ourselves to find our inner motivation, as well as something we are interested in and desire. Finding something that lights a fire under us can be difficult but once its found it will be the fuel for all those painful, moments of weakness that many of our crossfit workouts bring out. However to really benefit from the motivation a goal can give, its important that the goals we set are realistic and with a timeframe. Goals must be challenging yet attainable, that will be different for everyone, but the the best way to determine that is to evaluate our selves from the outside looking in. Self perception can work multiple ways, we see ourselves as greater than we really are, or lesser than we really are, both of which can get us in trouble. If we are over confident we often set goals that are unnattainable, and if we lack confidence we often set goals that are too easy to attain. By taking a bigger picture view on our fitness, looking from the outside in, we can see where our strengths and weaknesses truly lie and we can take the steps towards self improvement and sucess.So, evaluate yourself as an athlete, set a goal, attack it, and have fun.

"Those who conquer others are strong, those who conquer themselves are mighty." Unknown