Dominate the Open

With the open roughly10-12 weeks away, now is when everyone serious about competing should be thinking about what they need to be doing to be ready, because it will be here before we know it. Historically, the open will be shorter, light weight, high power output workouts in which rankings will be separated by very small margins. We will get tested in many different things but here are a few notable things that i expect to see. A few things that pop up every year, are burpees, double unders, chest to bar pull ups, box jumps, shoulder to overhead, thrusters, wall balls, snatches, toes to bar, and muscle ups. Because these have all been in multiple open workouts, these are a great place to start strengthening weaknesses, and building the next 2-3 months training around. Here is a great video from the barbell shrugged crew talking about this very subject of getting yoked for the open.