Composure and The Mental Game

We are what we repeatedly do, our thoughts form words, words form actions, actions become habits, and habits become character. Day by day what you choose, what you think and what you do is who you become. To me, the sport of cross fit is all about becoming a better person morally as well as physically. Keeping a positive attitude during workouts will go a long way towards becoming a more happy, more confident, better person. If we get frustrated, pissed, cuss and swear, and focus on beating others instead of beating ourselves, we will continually travel down the road to never being content, and not believing in yourself. We can keep a positive attitude and walk away with a win by using a few different techniques. The first thing we can do is use of positive self talk, meaning that we find a mantra that gives us confidence in our abilities to complete our task. Then we repeatedly say that to ourselves over and over again until we get that confidence.  Another thing we can do is keep a memory of something that really gets you jacked up and confident, then think about that instance, and think about how it felt, to get that feeling during a workout. The next thing we can do is to set small goals throughout the course of the workout to work towards, so that our small goals finnish the workout and give us small wins throughout the workout to keep pushing us. For instance in in 7 min of burpees setting the goal to hit 20 unbroken burpees the first min, or hitting an 18/ min pace and just focusing on the small scale, because those small goals will get you to the end and hopefully that big picture goal. Finally, take something positive out of every training session or workout, walking away with a win will keep us coming back to the gym with the right mindset to become successful. Lots of small wins over the course of time will always add up to a large win.