The King of Strength

The dead lift is arguably the king of all strength exercises, and as a crossfitter, it is one of the fundamental exercises we do, and if you really look at it, we dead lift to some capacity every day. Naturally, poor dead lifting technique is something we see on a daily basis. I attribute this to multiple reasons. First off, because the dead lifting portion of a movement, picking the bar up for a hang clean for example, isn't the main focus of the movement, many of us get lazy and just bend over and pick it up with complete disregard for technique.This also goes for things like kb swings, kb and dumbbell snatches, wall balls, med ball slams, and the list continues. The next major thing i attribute this too, Settling for poor technique to move on to the more advanced exercises such as the snatch and clean, or the fun stuff, in other words, trying to advance too quickly. The best way to address this issue is to approach picking anything up as a dead lift to help create proper movement, and working on improving the dead lift before trying to pull big weight. Here is a few great videos, one from mark bell of super training about how to improve dead lift technique and why people round back dead lift, and the other one is just a great lift. Enjoy.