Rest and recovery is a very controversial topic especially when it comes to crossfit and can also be overlooked. Ensuring that you are getting adequite tim and more importantly high quality of sleep is very important, sleep is when your body makes the most recovery. Second is nutrition, eating for recovery doesnt just mean eating alot of food, it means the right amount of nutritionally dense food. However, rest and nutrition are not the only factors in recovery. Stress is one often over looked aspect of recovery. We do not recover well when under alot of stress. This can be due to work, family, or personal issues mentally or emotionally, so make sure you look at these thing in your everyday life to make sure that you can properly recover between workouts. Now, everyone is different so we must remember that just because one of your fellow crossfitters can work out 3 times a day doesnt mean that our lifestyle can sustain the same volume. Being individuals we all need to listen to our bodies and take rest when needed. Although we all want to do well in the open, ultimatly we are not training for the open, we are training for future fitness, 1, 2 or even 10 years down the road so don't try to rush progress. So, listen to your body, if it needs a day or two off take it, if it needs and extra sweet potatoe, eat it, fitness is to be enjoyed so have fun.