Great job everyone this week, now its time to repair and recover. There are many modalities to help aid in recovery, i encourage you to try everything and see what works best for you. Active recovery with a moderate to low intensity workout such as running, rowing or swimming for a moderate amount of time will help circulate your nutrient rich blood, get things warmed up, and decrease aches pains, and soreness. However there are many other things you can do, foam rolling, using the lacross balls, working mobility, seeing a chiropractor, getting a massage, ice bathing, and most importantly sleeping, can help you feel recovered. Keep in mind everyone is different, so everyone will have different things that they feel works for them. Find what works for you and stick with it. Regardless of what you do, recovery is monumentally important when it comes to reaching goals as an athlete so make sure you address this aspect often. Here is a quick video addressing post workout recovery for athletes. Enjoy!