Building Bar Speed for Olympic Lifts

Deadlift is one of the foundational movements for all of the olympic lifts, as well as all of the other movements that involve hip extention. Banded deadlifts are a great way to improve all of the associated exercises for a few simple reasons. As the bar is lifted from the starting position, resistance is increase throughout the range of motion, forcing the lifter to pull faster and harder throughout the lift, which will transfer into greater barspeed and power.

Exercise: Banded Dealdlift 2 reps Every 20 seconds for 12 sets @ 50% max dealdlift, with a red band for ladies and a blue band for men.

Directons: Stay tight through the midline, lifting and lowering the weight, focus on keeping your hips from rising first, and pull fast.

Here is a quick video on how to set up the banded deadlift.