Active Recovery With Core

Everyone knows that recovery is a huge part of performance and there are many aspects to recovery. One often over looked way to recover is the use of active recovery or recovery through movement. Using lower intensity exercise will help move nutrient rich blood into the muscles and waste products out of the muscles. Active recovery can be done immediatly after a wod by doing some easy rowing or jogging to help keep blood from pooling and decrease the heart rate, while jump starting waste removal, or it can be done on a recovery day with a lower intensity workout. One great way to become a more fit athlete while recovering is to work on one area every one can get stronger in, which is core. Having a stronger core is a great way to improve your fittness in virtually every area of fitness from strength, olympic or explosiveness, to gymnastics and endurance, so it makes sense to do focused core work. so here is an active recovery core wokout to facilitate some recovery.

WOD: 20 min AMRAP

15 good mornings

2 L-sit Rope Climbs

4 Turkish Get ups ( 2 each side, use a light to moderate weight)