Bear Complex

One of the most demanding and beneficial exercises in Cross fit, the bear complex, is also a phenomenal skill transfer exercise. The bear complex consists of a squat clean thruster to a back squat to a behind the neck shoulder to over head. This complex has the potential to be done fairly heavy, but the best part is that it transfers to virtually every movement by developing the clean, front squat, back squat, shoulder strength, behind the neck strength, as well as conditioning. Many people shy away from this complex because they must drop the bar into a back rack from overhead, which will cause pain if done incorrectly. Its important to remember that when receiving the bar in the back rack, you must give with the bar  not stop it. Check out this video to see the bear complex its self, as well as proper technique on receiving the bar to a back rack.

Exercise: Bear Complex accumulate 30 reps ( If over all strength is your goal, try to go a little heavier, if conditioning and endurance is more important to you, go lighter, just remember, whatever weight you use you have to receive in a back rack.)