Deadlift Strength Endurance

Strength endurance is a huge part of crossfit, it is being able to maintain strength along with a higher volume of training for instance, many people can snatch 165#, but do they have the strength endurance to snatch it after doing 90 burpees, 30 snatches at 75# and 30 snatches at 135#. (open 13.1). This is strength endurance.

Exercise: 2 Sets For deadlift drop set.

Directions: Start at a 3 rep max weight, complete as many reps as possible, then drop weight  and again do as many reps as possible , then a third time drop weight and go untill failure. It must be done unbroken, the only time you can set the bar down is to change weights, and other than changing the weights there is no rest. Choose your 3 weights to drop too ahead of time such as 315-225-135. This is a max effort technique to get strength endurance, so max it out every set and push your threshold.

Here is a video that shows a deadlift dropset, the main difference between todays workout and the video is that we are going to failure at each weight.