Purposeful Training Volume

Often times, as people get more into crossfit and begin getting interested in competing, they begin exercising more, adding in more strength but more often, they add in a second WOD. One huge mistake athletes novice and experienced make is thinking more is better with no goal in mind. So before we jump into training 2 metcons per day , we must ask ourselves two questions. First, is this going to make me a better athlete, help me reach my goal and how will it help? Second, is there a better way to attack my goals? There is no question, to compete at a high level, meaning regional level, athletes must train with higher volumes, however its very important to keep in mind that our bodies can only handle a limited amount of volume each day without becoming under recovered and injured. So, its momumentally important that we get the very most out of the volume of training that we do. There are two ways to add volume to training, adding to the metcon, or adding to strength. To add to the metcon, we can go longer or we can go lighter and faster, for an athlete that is towards the top end strength athletes, and needs work on their metcons, this may be a good option. However for the 95 % of us that are not in the top end, we could benefit a lot more but adding some volume to strength in our areas of weakness.For instance if I need work on my squats, add a focused squat routine once per week to help improve that aspect of my fitness. That approach is much more beneficial than just doing more light squats in a metcon. So before you start that 30 min burner with 200 ultra light squats, ask yourself, is this really going to make me better?