Emotional Control and Mental Toughness

The human mind is very powerful and complex, but simple at the same time. It controls our effort, our emotions, our mood, mindset, and more importantly our limitations, real and perceived. It can either drive us to achieve more than we ever though we could, or crush us before we reach our true potential. The mind can be though of as a tool that can be used to build something great, or tear it down, but the choice is ours. Now the question arises, how do you train the mind? I believe the mind is developed and trained primarily through adversity and experience of success, failure, and more importantly your reaction to those two things in their respective situations. The mind builds itself from our previous actions, so when met with adversity or failure, did you give in and give up or charge on, and when met with success was it good enough or did you want another challenge? The more you respond a certain way, the more that response becomes natural and accepted by the mind. If you constantly rise to the challenge, meet adversity head on with confidence, the more natural and stronger your mind will become. This Is something that needs to be reinforced everyday, with events big and small, and is a conscious effort on the part of the individual to become more mentally tough. Here is a great video speaking about being mentally tough and how to rise to the challenge.