Want v.s. Need

As we progress towards better fitness, we all develop various goals we personally would like to achieve. For some this may be a strict pull up, muscle up, 315 clean and jerk, 500lb back squat, handstand walk, or even a double under, however as we devise a plan on achieving our goals, we must differentiate between what we need and what we want, because more often than not, the needs keep us from getting the wants. For instance if someone wants a 200lb snatch, they need to develop the basics of that movement such as the dead lift and overhead squat before they can become proficient in the snatch. Another example would be for someone trying to achieve a muscle up. Simply swinging around on the rings will not yield any results unless other aspects are present such as strength of pull, strength in the dip, and understanding of the mechanics of the transition, all of which can be practiced without actually doing a muscle up. So, as you set goals instead of looking at the movement only as a whole, break it down and examine which part f the movement is holding you back the most and how can you fix it. Essentially, this is simply targeting weaknesses of a movement rather than treating the movement itself as a weakness. However, to truly do this we need an outside look, so talk to coaches about your goals, get help in all aspects of your fitness and use that information to reach your goals. Always focus on what you need, to get what you want.