Tempo Reps for Prehab and Rehab

Everyone at some point has had or will have an injury from sport regardless of weither it is golf, rec leauge basketball, crossfit, or even just everyday life, so everyone will have to adress the issue of getting back to 100%. Tempo repititions are in my opinion one of the best ways to prevent or rehab injuries for multiple reasons. First off, a tempo rep is completing the givin exercise at a pace such as 7 counts down and 7 counts up, emphasizing and going through each one of the portions of movement essentially in slow motion. Tempo reps work great because they will force the athlete to focus on positioning and technique throughout the entire movement without skipping through a weaker portion. By slowing the movement down it also allows us to get greater work in with lighter weights by relying on time under tension instead of load or volume. These lighter loads allow us to train with movements that would hurt us with heavier loads. For instance say an athlete has knee pain under moderate or heavy loads, instead of doing more volume with the lighter weight, we can do tempo reps and have more time under tension with better technique without furthering injury. A good template for this kind of training is to do 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps at a light- moderate weight in the same per week frequency that you would normally train.  If you have an injury get off the sidelines and give it a try to get that fitness back.