The definition of efficiency is the ability to do something or produce something without wasting materials, time, or energy. However, we far too often approach efficiency with an attitude of how many reps of fast we get something done as our measure of efficiency, but i  encourage you to look at it with respect to the end results. Consider this, athlete A takes pride in good technique strictly following the standards of movement, even no repping themselves when they know they cheated, even if it cost them time or reps. Athlete B is focused on the score, always trying for more reps, does pretty well with standards, but really only follows them loosely, and rarely no reps themselves . Athlete B almost always beats athlete A however in reality, which athlete gets more out of their workout every day? I challenge you to look at efficiency as getting the most out of each exercise and each rep instead of just getting the most reps, after all, producing results without wasting time, matierials, or energy is efficiency. If we look at it with this perspective, using the right weight with the right technique for each exercise in the Strength, the WOD, and the REC, will always produce the best results in the least time, with no wasted energy.