Strength for Muscle Ups

As we all know, muscle ups have become an integral part of cross fit success, in addition we know it is a demanding multi joint movement. Because of this, it is very beneficial to work on different portions of the movement to eliminate certain weaknesses to become more skilled at the movement, or possibly just get the movement. Legless rope climbs, false grip ring rows, false grip hangs, strict pull ups, ring push ups, ring dips, and Russian dips are all great exercise to work on to get stronger for the muscle ups. I especially have grown to like the Russian dip because of its ability to strengthen the most difficult part of the movement, the transition, however you need to have a base of strength in the strict pull-up and strict dip to be able to do them. We all have a tendency to want to go from beginner to advanced when it comes to certain things and muscle ups is one of them. Remember if you focus on developing the strength through different portions of the movement for a good amount of time, when you put it all together on the rings for an actual muscle up, it will be much more safe and much easier to achieve. So i encourage you to take a step back, develop strict pulling strength, strict pressing and transitional strength before you attempt a muscle up. Gymnastic strength will only benefit you in cross fit and life, so work hard a developing it and you will see gains across the full spectrum of your fitness. Here is a video of Cami demonstrating and explaining the Russian dip.