3 Things you can do to be a Healthier Athlete

Here are a few things everyone can do to become a more sucessful and healthier athlete.

1: Drink 16-20oz of water immediately upon rising in the morning before anything else is consumed. This will help get digestion going, as well as hydrate after a good long nights sleep.

2: Take 1 session per week and focus on killing a few goats or weaknesses. Take this day and do just accessory work such as reverse hypers, rope climbs, ect, really just focus on your weaknesses whether its core strength, gymnastics, or rehabilitating nagging injuries. Make that session 100% focused on just strengthening weaknesses. 

3: Train your way out of gear. What i mean by this is that as you strengthen weaknesses and resolve issues, i strongly believe you should gradually work to being able to train without wrist wraps, belts, knee wraps or sleeves, ect... All of this stuff is very valuable however, they do not resolve the deeper problems, just mask them, so strengthen the deeper issues and do not let yourself be a slave to accessories.