Due to the fact that the goal board expired on 6/30, I have erased the goals so we can all start fresh. So please write a goal that you would like to achieve by 12/31/14.  Once again, i will emphasize that the goals are challenging yet achievable, and most importantly, motivating to us. Now, if you aren't sure why you should write a goal on the board, after all our goals are for us, not anyone else, the answer is simple. Verbalizing and publicising goals is a great way to hold ourselves accountable because it is much harder to ignore a goal when all of your fellow athletes can see the goal, and see if you are truly dedicated to it or not, regardless of if you achieve it. So, please write a goal and get to work.

P.S. If you accomplished your goal from the last board, please post it here in the comments, i would like to hear them.