Elevate Your Fitness

Ask anyone their goals and you will get a multitude of answers covering every aspect of health and fitness, but the vast majority of the answers with have one thing in common, they will most likely all be short-term goals. Let me clarify, when I say short term I am referring to anything of 1 year or under, so where is the long-term goals?

Year after year usually around the open, I hear a lot about new goals and old goals, and year after year, I see athletes continually fail to reach their goals and I truly believe that is due to athletes trying to rush towards their goals. Just think, 3 years ago, at the birth of the 307 if each one of us thought about where we wanted to be in three years, and took the steps to work in that direction instead of training year to year, what could we have accomplished? Far to often, athletes chase the same goals year after year with small to no improvements and fall into a cycle of repeating the same failures over and over and over again. The answer is simple; take an elevated view of your life, your fitness, and where fitness will fit into your life. Think about where you would like to be 2 or 3 years from now, then think about how you are going to get there. Forget about the open, forget about what anyone else is doing, and focus on one simple thing, getting just a little better everyday, working toward that elevated goal you have for yourself in the future. It may seem like 2 years is a long time, and it is, but it will be here before you know it.

There are 3 things that you need to do to make this work. First, consistency, is not jumping around to 20 different programs looking for the magic program to hit your PR, but instead, try one program at a time and do it in its entirety before moving on to a new one. In addition, consistency is putting in the work every week with your training as well as recovery. Just think, in theory if you made a 2.5# gain every 2 weeks on a lift, in two years you will have made potentially a 130# gain. Keep in mind that’s the perfect consistent gain, however without a doubt you will make gains. The second key to elevating your goals is to stay focused on your goals instead of constantly changing goals. If we are always changing goals working to something different, we are not making gains. The last and possibly most important secrete to making this work is not a secret at all, it is simply perspective. Change your perspective to recognize exercise as being for most of us, nothing more than staying healthy, having fun, and challenging ourselves to achieve more. In all reality, if each day we all just ate healthy, challenged ourselves with our exercise program, and had fun, we will get better. True fitness is a lifestyle and a lifestyle last more than from one goal to the next, so choose a few goals, and take that elevated view to be better years from now, not just this months.