15.4 Mobility

For some of you this may be another chance to PR and get those HSPU's to the standard and for others it is the time to become efficient in the HSPU.

Here is a great little piece on the Kipping HSPU from Laurie Galassi.

Then we have some fairly heavy power cleans.  For this, we need to be mindful of how we load our spine.  The issue Kstar presents in this segment is very common among uber flexible women.  Another way to think of this is to not over-extend your back.  Check it out in a mirror at home and if your back resembles the shape of a Banana, No worries, we can get you flat and secured with less spinal load and sheer in no time at all.  Fixing this is easier than you think and doesn't take much practice.

Here are a few tips:

1) Practice the Diaphragmatic Breathing techniques as posted for 15.2

2) When setting up for the clean try not to tilt the hips.  Bend at the hip but don't tilt the hip this is the most common fault in overextension and the reason you can't open you hips fully through the second pull.

3)  Stay tight...moderate pressure inside to increase power outside.  Achieve this by pushing the diaphragm down and bringing your belly button towards your spine.

I will be around for Friday Night Lights and some of the Friday Day classes if you have any questions. - Kirk