The Open: Why you need to do it.

New year, new Open! The regular season of CrossFit is about to begin. Some of you that have been in the game for a while are wondering if you’re going to register this year. Some of you that are new are nervous about the prospect of competing against and in front of all your peers. Here’s some universal advice and insight about the Open that applies to both groups.

  1. The Open is about YOU. The Open is an opportunity to compete against the only person that you need to worry about competing against; yourself. The Open is a place to test your fitness. If you’ve been around for a while, you use the Open to determine if you’ve improved. If you’re new, you’re setting a baseline that you can look back at for years to come. There’s no reason to worry about how you place within the gym, region, or world, how well you stack up against the other people in class… The Open is YOU VS YOU.

  2. The Open is FUN. Go to our CrossFit 307 Facebook page and look back through the photo albums from past Opens. Sure, you’ll see lots of pictures of people looking like they’re about to hurl, but I promise you that every one of those people had some serious fun throughout the Open.

  3. The Open is about INSPIRATION. We, in this box, are part of a select group within society. We are lucky to be surrounded here by people that care about health and fitness, but the moment you step outside our box you’ll see how unhealthy the general population is. You are in a unique position to inspire anyone around you just by showing up and competing in the Open. Regular folks outside the fitness world will see pictures and posts of you competing, and you may just inspire someone to take their first venture into our box. The Open ends up being a pretty visible event particularly on social media. You have the opportunity to compete and potentially inspire anyone on your friends list. The CrossFit Games are cool, but changing the life of someone you know for the better and healthier is significantly cooler.

  4. The Open is about OUR FUTURE. If you’re a parent, nothing is cooler to your kids than coming in and seeing mom or dad compete. They won’t know what’s going on, or if you’re beating the person in the next lane… but if they see you busting your butt and having a good time, they’re going to learn some valuable life lessons and love you even more than they did before. There will be kids from around town coming in to watch this year, and seeing their parents, parent's friends, teachers, etc. competing will inspire them to make choices that will lead to them being able to do this one day.

We’ve decided to run an Intramural Open within our gym this year. We want to reinforce these ideas and we think that adding a fun, spirit oriented, team atmosphere to the Open will do just that. So go, RIGHT NOW! to and get registered. We’ll draft some teams, we’ll have some serious fun, and then we’ll make 2016 the best Open yet!