The most important thing to remember about Mobility is that we are trying to eliminate pain through proper movement, positioning and alignment. Consistency and quality from the first rep to the last rep is a requirement to obtain this result. One could argue, that if all the movements are performed perfectly (every rep) your pain will most likely be limited to just muscle soreness, and for the most part they would be right. We must also understand that this is a sport and in any sport there is a chance for more than just muscle soreness. If you are injured, go see Dr. Popp or another professional for an evaluation and a recommendation on next steps. If you have pain that subsides once you get warmed up or into the WOD then there is a good chance that you can take matters into your own hands and work to improve your movements and mobilize yourself to become pain free. Use mobility as a means to increase your athletic potential pre­WOD then as a means of recovery to maintain that athletic potential post­WOD.

So here we go...CrossFit Games Open Workout 15.2 is 14.2
Overhead Squats
Chest to Bar Pull­ups

The most important part of the OHS is to maintain a stable trunk throughout the entire movement. But our flexibility and positioning in the hips and shoulders can affect that so below are a couple videos to help you.

Mobilization for Movement and Recovery for Open Workout 15.2:
Here are a couple videos relating to the squat and overhead position from Kelly Starrett and Danny Matta. Subscribe to their YouTube Channels.

If you have an hour to kill grab a cup of coffee and watch this Barbell Shrugged Video with Jill Miller. I recommend the first part when they talk about diaphragmatic breathing. This will help to pressurize your midline for stability.

Or this short video:

Try these out pre and post WOD and see how you feel. Best wishes to you all on 15.2...get after it.