jedekiah may

  • CrossFit Level 1
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  • CrossFit Mobility

Favorite WOD: Squatting
Favorite Movement: Squats
Favorite Treat: Denali Extreme Maximum Fudge Moose Tracks Ice Cream (seriously, that's the name) and Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough #Paleo 

My fitness journey started in August of 2012. I played multiple sports in high school and was a decent athlete but always on the heavy side. I played football at the university of Wyoming in 2011, then left school to work in the oil field and became a fat drunk party animal. August 1st 2012 I woke up with a hangover at 275 pounds and decided I'd had enough. Over the next year I lost 78 pounds. At that point I had no idea what CrossFit was, but I was doing "constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement" work outs on my own (with maybe a few more arms days than you see in a CrossFit box). Coach Lisa Nicholls had been a family friend for years, and she helped me get a job personal training at Lifetime in the beginning of 2014. She introduced me to CrossFit and it was everything I had ever dreamed about finding in a fitness program. My first workout was a horrendous super Fran thing with thrusters and burpees and box jumps and pullups and kettlebell swings, it took me just about 30 minutes, almost ended me, and I've never looked back. I love CrossFit, I love our community here at the 307, and I'm excited to coach here and be apart of that for years to come.