Kirk Klungness

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    CrossFit Weightlifting

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Favorite WOD: The Seven
Favorite Movement: Olympic Lifts
Favorite Treat: PB & J.  When I get "Hangry" a good old fashioned PB&J will set me straight.  Especially, with Raspberry Jelly!

My very first WOD at Crossfit 307 was one of those “Light Bulb” moments.  I had never been able to get excited about going to the gym because sitting on a machine and pulling a cable didn’t feel correct to me. I had no idea I was capable of doing Olympic Lifts, Power Lifts or certain gymnastic skills, so I didn’t even think of other options.  I thought you had to be born with a certain body build to do those things.  I was weak and had about…zero muscle and was entirely wrong about body build and capability.  After that first class, I saw potential and a glimpse of what fitness is supposed to be.  It felt right…yes it hurt but functional movement and a challenge everyday is what my body and mind wanted.

After many one on one sessions with Justin, working on pretty much every weakness, which at the time was everything.  I started to finally “feel” what he and the other awesome coaches at the 307 had been saying.  That is why I started considering my L1 Cert.  It took about a year to finally decide to do it and I am happy that I did.  

Crossfit 307 is where I started the journey of a better life.  I want to be there when someone else has that same light bulb moment and help them to crush those meaningless words that sometimes cross our minds, like can’t, won’t and impossible.

My Favorite WOD is tough because they are all challenging in different ways.  My Favorite humbling experience was with The Seven.  It seems so simple and seven is my favorite number but 3 rounds into The Seven you are spinning, beat down and questioning if you will finish it by the end of the day, and that's in a morning class.

My Favorite Movements are the Olympic Lifts.  They are complex movements that require total body focus, awareness and muscle recruitment.  If you are a perfectionist these lifts have the ability to teach you patience and if you already have patience then you are probably a pretty good O-Lifter.  Patience is the key to these lifts.  Don't rush it, be patient while being explosive.