Air Squat – Bodyweight only squat.

Back Squat – Squat with barbell resting across upper back.

Box Jump – Jumping from the floor to the top of one of the wooden boxes or sprinkler covers. Hips must fully extend at the top. Most workouts call for leaving from both feet and landing with both feet, in control with hips fully open.

Burpees – From a standing position, drop your hands to the ground, kick back into a plank, do a pushup to touch your chest to the ground, jump back up to standing, and hop while clapping hands over head.

Clean – 1st part of Olympic lift, narrower grip, bringing the bar to front rack position from the ground or a hang.

Jerk – 2nd part of Olympic lift, jumping and pressing bar overhead from front rack position to lock out.

Double Unders – Jumping rope and passing the rope under your feet twice with every jump.

Dumbell or Kettlebell Snatch – One arm snatch from ground or hang to overhead with a kettlebell or dumbell.

Front Squat – Squat with barbell resting across chest in front rack position.  We recommend using your Clean grip instead of an arms crossed grip.  This will help prepare you for catching a clean in a full squat position.

GHD Sit-up – A sit up performed on a GHD machine.  Lean back until hips are fully open and lift up to touch the foot pads with both hands.

GHD Extension - Enter the GHD on your belly with the pads against your hips.  Extend down and back up to parallel.  Move your feet closer to the hip pads for more hip extension and move your feet further from the hip pads for more back extension.

Glute Ham Raise - On the GHD, set the foot pads to where your knees are on the edge of the hip pads.  You will be able to hook your feet in, rest your knees on the edge of the pads and hold your body straight up like you're standing.  Then lower down forward to parallel and return back to the top.  This is a very difficult move and can be scaled easily with bands.  The goal is to be able to lower down and back up keeping your torso and hips static throughout.  If you find your hips bending on the way up, try scaling with a band until the proper strength is developed.

Hand Stand Push Up – Performed with feet on a wall or free standing in a handstand, touch top of head to ground and press up to full lockout of the elbows and push your head in line or in front of your arms.

Kettlebell Swing (American) – Swinging Kettlebell from between legs to overhead position with arms locked out straight and kettlebell in a vertical line with your body.

Kipping Pull-Up – Using hips and legs to kip up for a pull-up.

Muscle Up – An advanced movement on the gymnastics rings where the athlete explosively throws their body up above the rings into a dip position and then completes the dip. Also can be done on a pull up bar.

Overhead Squat – A full depth squat with a wide snatch grip on the barbell, locked out overhead.

Pistol – One legged squat, other leg is pointing out in front of you and doesn’t touch the ground.

Push Press/Strict Press – Starting with barbell in front rack position, pressing straight overhead. Push press uses hips and legs to jump bar up.

Ring Dip – Performed on the gymnastics rings, are like standard bodyweight dips but tougher because of the lack of stability caused by the rings.

Rope Climb – Climbing a rope. Can be performed using legs and feet or legless.

Snatch – Olympic lift, wide grip, and finishing overhead with locked out arms.

Thruster – A combination of a front squat and a push press. Barbell will be in the front rack position, you’ll squat, and at the top of the squat immediately push press the bar overhead.

Wallball – holding a medicine ball in a front rack position next to the wall in the box, you will squat down, and when you get to the top of the squat, press/throw the ball up to the center of the blue paint that lines the box. (The center is a 10 feet mark)