For time:
Run 1 mile (12 laps)
Lunge 1 lap (133 meters)
Run 800 (6 laps)
Lunge 1 lap (133 meters)
Run 400 (3 laps)
Lunge 1 lap (133 meters)

***On the lunges, your front knee must reach 90 degrees, and the back knee must touch the floor for the rep to count. The only way to move forward is in the form of a lunge- so no baby steps in between! Everything is to be completed in the middle lane on the track for the distance to be accurate.

R.E.C.: 1 minute AMRAP of PULL UPS! It is totally ok to drop off the bar- what counts is your total pull ups at the end of the minute. Make sure your elbows are fully locked out in the bottom and your chin is above the bar in the top. Have fun!