"Dirty Sevens"
Seven rounds for time of:
7 Push Press (115/75)
7 Push Ups
7 Ring Dips

**Remember, for the push press, you get only one dip of the knees. If you dip twice, you are actually push jerking the bar, and the rep does not count for this workout. To learn how to push press appropriately, check out this video (remember, we will be covering it in the Foundations course as well!). The push ups are Games style, so you need to lift your hands off the ground in the bottom of the movement. I will hang rings from the pull up bar in the morning and leave them up for you to use during the day. For the ring dip, make sure to hit full range of motion (starting with fully extended elbows, descending to shoulders below the elbow joint, and finishing with fully extended elbows). If you need to scale, please feel free to borrow a band from my office- just return it when you are finished.

10 minutes of practicing double unders (this movement will be in a workout later this week!). Please complete R.E.C. before the WOD, as your shoulders are going to be "slightly" fatigued. :) Good luck!