“300”- Partner Style:
50 Pull Ups
100 Dead Lifts (135/95)
100 Push Ups
100 Box Jumps (24”)
100 Kettlebell Clean and Jerks (24kg/16kg)
100 Floor Wipers (135/95)
50 Pull Ups

*Teams of two, only one person can work at a time. You can choose your order of movements, but you must start and finish with 50 pull ups. You cannot move on to the next movement until all 100 reps are finished. Each teammate must complete 50% of the workout- for example, they must complete 50 of the dead lifts. However, you may break them up as needed (alternate sets of 5 or 10 to accumulate the 100 total).

R.E.C.: Shared burden 3000 meter row. You may break this up as needed as well!

CrossFit Central "300" Video