Friday, October 12th, 2012

STRENGTH: Knee Squats 3x6

Knee Squat Video

Notice how she (yes, she) pops her hips forward at the last second. This is an excellent way to develop the crucial finishing hip "pop" that is such a common weakness. The "pop" can be accomplished by squeezing or flexing the glutes together for the final few inches of the lift with acceleration. When we cue you to "open the hips all the way" or "extend those hips at the top" this is what we mean. Working on this will strengthen every other lift you do and it will certainly give you a more powerful kip for knee jumps, box jumps, pull ups, muscle ups, swimming, ring dips and just about anything else in life.

You'll work in groups of two or three so you can help each other be safe in un-racking and racking the weight. (Un-racking is a word, right?)

WOD: "4th Down" (courtesy of CrossFit Football)

4 Rounds of 1 minute at each station, rest 1 minute between rounds (similar to FGB)

Push Press (155/115)

Box Jump (24)

Power Cleans (same bar)

Bear Crawl Ten Meters

REC: 30 Turkish Get-Ups (16kg max for guys/12kg max for women)

Stay light, THESE ARE NOT FOR TIME but move through them at a decent clip and focus on form.

"People hate get-ups, but that's because they don't know how good they are for them." - Justin Thompson

(Very beneficial for injury prevention because it is a slower movement that requires core and shoulder stability and puts you through a series of functional moves. i.e. lunge, overhead press, sit up, plank, etc.)