Saturday, October 13th, 2012

Giving a SHOUT OUT to Ryan for enduring the pool WOD yesterday. He wasn't afraid to come and work hard on one of his weaknesses. Well done, my good man!

WOD: Chipper of Choice

Thing 1: Pat will be leading a Chipper of his own evil genius at 6:30 in the morning for those of you who think you are brave enough. There will be gigantic, heavy rubber rings and possibly even an alligator pit. Meet by the large tires outside of Dr. Popp's office (to the north of Lifetime's main entrance).


Thing 2:

Indoor Skills Chipper for those of you who just want to do a whole bunch of reps.

15 Hand Stand Push Ups

30 Burpees

30 Abmat Sit ups

30 Wall Balls

30 Toes to Bar

30 Knee Jumps (off the ground, scale by kneeling between two rowers or boxes and use your hands as little as possible to help you up.

30 Air Squats (Go quickly but force yourself to have proper depth and form, remember the hip pop at the top)

90 Double Unders.

REC: Roll out and enjoy the rest of your weekend, 'cuz next week it's about to get real.

Question: On Saturday, the 27th of this month we have a "mini-athlon" programmed for you (hence, the swim wod yesterday) where we'll be using the pool, the bikes and the track. How many of you are interested in doing this? Would you prefer to do it as an individual or mix it up and do it in a team format, where you can organize your own team? Post your preferences to comments.