Monday, October 15th, 2012

Get Ready to Work!

Strength: CrossFit Total

CrossFit Total is made up of a one rep max of the back squat (to full depth), Shoulder Press (strict press) and Deadlift. The score is normally the total combined weight of the three moves but we're going to give you chances to get on the leader board so we want you to keep track of each individual score as well. Normally this is done as its own wod but we aren't going to take that much time. Once the warm up is over, you'll have three (3) attempts for each move. You can get on the leaderboard for the Back Squat and Deadlift, so make sure you have full range of motion and don't get "no rep'd". Coaches will be logging your scores and turning them into me.

Tip: First attempt should be a weight you know you can do for a normal three rep max. Second attempt, do a weight you know you can do for a one rep max. Third attempt, do a weight that you hope to get as a new one rep max.

WOD: "Helen" (15 minute time cap)

This is a leaderboard wod and a Legends Wod, so get after it and focus on making every rep count. As coaches we would be doing you a disservice if we let you get away with poor range of motion.

Three Rounds for time:

400 Meter Run (starts and ends on the black mat of the box)

21 KB Swings (1.5/1) (Swing over head, with arms fully extended, no bend in elbows, bell pointing up at the top of the swing and finish with your head through the hole.)

12 Pull Ups (Any grip is fine but arms must be extended at the bottom and chin must clear the bar at the top.)

REC: Slow Row for cool down. Keep the blood flowing to your legs but this should be a cool down.