Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Skill/Strength:  Accumulate five minutes of any "L" hold.

WOD:  18 Minute AMRAP

Bench Press max reps (135/85) 

50 Double Unders (3x singles)

Run 400 M

Score is total bench press reps

REC:  Strict/Weighted Pull Ups - No Kip, 3 rounds of max reps at full range of motion

Performance Notes:  


  • You can end each round of bench press based on your own strategy but once you fail or a spotter helps you, you are done with that round.  
  • Scale your weight based on your own strategy, this is a lighter weight which means you should be going for higher reps each round.
  • Remember the bench press form that we practiced earlier this week.  Pull the feet in tight under you, flex your butt, pull the shoulders under you, keep the elbows in and focus on bar speed.