Monday, November 5th, 2012

WOD: "Barbara" (28 Minute Tapout)

5 Rounds

20 Pull Ups (chin above bar, arms fully extended at bottom)

30 Push Ups (chest to the ground, elbows fully extended at the top)

40 Abmat Sit Ups(shoulders to the ground, sit up and touch the ground in front of your feet)

50 Air squats (Open hips all the way at the top, touch your butt to a wall ball at the bottom)

Rest exactly three minutes between rounds

This is another chance to get on the leaderboard. Each class will go in two heats and you will count for each other. Be on time and get warmed up, there's no time to waste standing around. If a coach says to correct something, have the self-discipline to do that rep over. Remember the House Rule, nobody cares what your score was but everybody cares if you cheated. Bad reps are cheating, so get 'em right. It'll make you a better person.