Monday, December 3rd, 2012


Weekly Warm-Up:  PVC Thrusters, Scorpions, Abmat Sit Ups, Ring Rows

WOD:  "Fran"


Thrusters (95/65)

Pull ups 

Time cap is 6:00 minutes.  (If your rx'd time is over 6:00, it's time to get your a$$ moving!)  Set a new PR today and get on the leaderboard.  Only classtime scores will be counted for the leaderboard.

It's a short time cap, which means that your intensity and effort should be so high that your output is more than a chipper; because, in actuality, it is.   Short WODs are always the most grueling because you can't waste a second.  There's no time for rest on this one.  Just work.  

If you cannot do this rx'd, scale it the least amount to allow you to finish just under the time cap.  Good form, elbows up on the descending part of the Thruster and then exploding out of the bottom with a straight back and chest up, will help you maintain stamina.  Bad form saps energy!  If you give everything you have on this wod, it will be enough of a workout for the day, I promise.  If ever there was a time to go balls to the wall, this is it.  A good rx'd score is under 3:30.  Go get it!

(Which famous crossfitter in this video has terrible range of motion on their thrusters?  We won't let you get away with it!  P.S. I heart Katie Hogan)

Skill:  (If there's time, after Fran and 10 minutes of rest)  Burgener Warm Up, with an emphasis on the first stage (triple extension).  Use PVC or barbell for extra challenge but don't exceed 65/45 lbs.

Recovery work:  3x50 Banded Good Mornings with a light to moderate band.  No time rush on these, just trying to increase blood flow and mobility to the posterior chain.