Christmas Eve 2012!

Here's your friendly reminder that the Box is open until NOON today but there are no classes, so you gots to get in early if you're going to get your WOD on!  

Weekly warm up:  5 Ring dips, 10 GHD or Abmat Sit ups, 10 GHD Hip Extensions, 10 Strict Pull Ups

WOD:  "Santa's Presents Under the Tree"

For todays WOD each of you will pick a benchmark (one of the "girls") or a Hero WOD and post to comments which WOD you selected and how you did; thus, creating the "presents under the tree" for everyone to see.

As the song goes, "He sees you when you're sandbagging, He knows when you'll PR, He knows if you picked a strength or a weakness so pick a weakness for fitness sake, HEY!..."

You're decision is whether you are going to be on the naughty or nice list.  Are you going to pick a "nice" wod you know you're good at it?  Or, will you use this time to focus on a weakness and pick a WOD from your "naughty" list?  Either way, have fun and post to comments!

(Many of the benchmarks and their description are on our Leaderboard but you can also find the list of HQ Benchmarks and Hero WODs HERE and HERO)