In honor of our close friend and excellent coach, Josh Deifel, we will be completing the following WOD. If you were unaware, Josh went in to cardiac arrest Sunday evening. Since then, he has fought like a true CrossFitter, is sitting up, talking, eating, and this morning, had a pacemaker inserted in to his heart. I have created this WOD in his honor- each of the movements are movements I have noticed he stands out on. His beautiful daughter just turned three years old, so I guess it would be wise to complete three rounds. Your CrossFit 307 family loves you Coach Deifel, this one is for you!

"Coach Deifel"
Three rounds for time:
27 Double Unders
27 Back Squats (95/65) ***Load the bar from the ground
27 Calories on the Rower
27 AbMat Sit Ups
27 Pull Ups ***Must us an underhand grip (Josh is only able to do pull ups this way)